Hailing from Rennes, France, Bubs began his career as a DJ/Producer in 2019. Bubs' music is influenced by 80's music and French house, and comes scorching into the summer of 2021 with the absolute banger "All About Love!"

"L-O-V-E love, it's all about love" is the opening lyric, and Bubs' message of love and acceptance couldn't be a more perfectly timed sentiment to celebrate Pride this June!

Justin and Cam of Purple Tea Records love "The Moustache" (Bubs) and had this to say about the artist and his latest track: "This new Disco/House release produced by Bubs is the kind of vibe we are all waiting for this summer. Thanks to a funky guitar riff and a strong vocal hook, 'All About Love' talks on its own and has only one goal: share love and make you groove under the sun, all day long."

Listen to the track below and pre-order before it is released on Friday, June 4.