Nasty Nachos has been a Denver staple for years. As one of the most sought-after independent electronic shows in the area, he’s ready to share his crispy queso with the world with the first-ever Nasty Nachos EP, The Getaway. The debut album is nothing to be ignored, either, having been made in two countries, numerous cities and boasting over 25 different synthesizers.

Nasty Nachos Shares Story Behind Synth-Pop Voyage, The Getaway


The Getaway is a synth-pop masterpiece — a six-track EP that leaves out all filler. Inspired by the musician’s journeys through Norway, it’s an escapist album that we all could use right now. “Some of those tracks were written on a boat going through a fjord in Norway,” Anderson said — and it shows, especially in the enveloping “Freezer Burn” which combines synth-pop and funk into an ass-shaking electronic voyage. “I love Norwegian music like Todd Terje, Lindstrøm and Marius Circus out of Oslo,” Anderson continued. “I feel like the landscape is captured in a lot of the tracks.”

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The Getaway isn’t just here to remind us of what it’s like to leave the house, it’s also a dance epic seen especially on the album’s title track and single. “‘The Getaway’ is about leaving shit behind and going out to have a good time with the people that you love,” Anderson said. “I feel like I’ve been making music like this forever but I don’t let a lot of people listen to it. It’s liberating to be able to say that this is what I make when I’m in the studio — maybe not on stage, but it’s what I spend my time doing.”

Though synth-pop heavy, The Getaway still remains a dynamic album as shown on the post-punk influenced “Fading in the Sun.” Anderson refers to the track as “grounding” when it comes to the light-heartedness of the other songs on the album. “It’s a reminder that shit’s fucking crazy and you need to get off your ass and work for what you want… which I feel like is a constant reminder when on vacation,” Anderson explained. “It’s the inspiration to keep moving and keep things going. The message is to be able to escape while still pushing forward.”

Nasty Nachos Shares Story Behind Synth-Pop Voyage, The Getaway

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Nasty Nachos (Alex Anderson) is an experiment in technology, vintage synthesizers and mastering melody in order to create escapist dance music. The Denver-based artist is on the heels of a debut EP release after spending three years solely constructing a booming reputation for Nasty Nachos. The time paid off, too with Anderson opening for acts like Plaid, Chrome Sparks and El Ten Eleven and growing Freq Boutique — a successful monthly synthesizer event three years running.

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