In both the U.S. and their native countries of Singapore and the Philippines respectively, MYRNE and Manila Killa have more than solidified their place as household names within the electronic music space. Having individually released their debut projects last year, the two producers come together to release Fluorescence, a two-track collaborative EP out now on the iconic Ultra Records.

With Manila Killa showing an appreciation for MYRNE’s sound and selecting him as to join his 1993 EP tour last year, the collaboration between these two artists seemed one that was inevitable. They come from similar backgrounds, having both dealt with the pressures and challenges that international artists face when attempting to breach the cultural divide in the states. “‘Fear’ and ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ are songs that encompass change and the experience of going through a transition of growth,” the pair shares, “these songs are explorations of influences that both of us bonded over when we toured together.” Singing and using their own vocals as a duet in the aptly-titled “Fear,” MYRNE and Manila Killa showcase their growing confidence as well-rounded artists unafraid to be their authentic selves. “Where Do We Go From Here” is their take on the progressive house era, a homage to the style that served as early inspiration to pursue their current endeavors.