While I know we all love dance music, sometimes a breath of fresh air is needed in the lives of you club-goers. So if you're looking for music to fall asleep to, unwind to, drive to, or more, Lycoriscoris's hour-long curation is sure to do the trick. 

Because nobody else has mastered the art of texture, melodics,  and sentimentality like Lycoriscoris has. With the release of his new album just around the corner, we wanted to invite the maestro for the 203rd episode of the Magnetic Mix series so he can showcase his magic. 

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What follows is a selection of chilled-out tracks with an emotional and hypnotic bend. You won't find many beats in this mix, yet the ambient soundscapes still manage to find a groove. 

'In honor of the release of my album, I selected a chill-out track that has an emotional and hypnotic sound. Even though there is no beat, somehow I feel the groove. This one-hour mix is perfect for yoga or driving." - Lycoriscoris


Track Name Artist

Beacon - Ostrich feat. Colin Stetson

James Holden, Waclaw Zimpel - Saturday (Original Mix) 

Terekke - 220+g (Original Mix)

Daniel Aged - BASS.INT 

Djrum - Unblocked

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Susumu Yokota - The Future Of Ecstasy (Original Mix) 

SSIEGE - Nebbia Spugna (Original Mix)

Atsushi Asada - Shrine Visiting 

Caldera - Impact 8 (Original Mix)

Khotin - Frog Fractions

Foam and Sand - Circle 19 (Original Mix) 

Perila - Fallin Into Space (Original Mix)

Sofie Birch, Johan Carøe - Død & Hav (Original Mix) 

Vanessa Amara - Leopards, Pt. 3 (Original Mix) 

Tom Ashbrook - Klass (Original Mix) 

Astrid Sonne - Moderato (Original Mix)

Hoavi - Part 3 (Original Mix) 

A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Beethoven 250_(Original Mix) 

Lycoriscoris - A Piece Of Nature