Anton Zaslavski, otherwise known as Zedd, has become a household name the world over through his smash-hit successes “Clarity,” “Stay the Night,” and “Break Free.” But it is turning out that the Grammy award-winning producer may not be who he is cracked up to be. Matthew Koma, the American singer-songwriter who wrote “Clarity,” and “Spectrum,” has just put Zedd on blast in a series of tweets posted less than 24 hours ago.

He cites that Zedd is “so toxic and self-serving that he couldn't even occupy a space where happiness exists.” He stated that Zedd didn't give Koma proper credit and that he gave interviews and carried himself as having created these songs almost in their entirety without Koma's help. Koma also says that it took him years to receive any payment for the “Clarity” and “Spectrum.” The ultimate nail in the coffin is that it sounds as though Zedd isn't nearly as prolific as his classical-musician persona makes it seem – in one instance of them working together Koma suggested they change the key of a song but Zedd refused as it seemed he couldn't play piano in anything other than the key of C.

All in all these are quite the allegations and call a lot into question regarding the DJ/Producer that so many people idolize. As Koma mentions, “Ego, success, it's all happened and been told before, especially in the context of music.” What do you think? Is Zedd really all who he seems?

See the tweets below: