Marshmello is a man few words, but he was quick to shut down a hater following his live performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Just days ago, the DJ/producer appeared on the talk show with his most recent collaborator Anne-Marie as the two played out their new single “Friends.” Everything went fine and dandy from what most the audience could tell but there was one hater trying to steal Marshmello’s shine.

“So I watch @marshmellomusic on @jimmyfallon last night and realized as a DJ his controllers weren’t even plugged into power!!!” one dude tweeted. “Seems to be missing every cable you you would need to make audio work…”

But on second glance, it was clear Marshmello was plugged in just as usual.

“You must have eye problems,” another Twitter user chimed in. “I can see the cords coming from the backs the equipment just fine, and running across the stage… get a grip man, stop tryin to ridicule a good performance.”

The exchange was enough to get a rise out the superstar. “U really think I’d go on tv with an mpg and keyboard that aren’t plugged in or working?” he questioned.

The answer is no. He wouldn’t. A message for the haters — Keep it Mello!