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Driven by a desire to create a more immersive experience, during COVID, she developed her live show which incorporates a Roland TR8 drum machine, an RC505 Looper, and a vocal effects processor. This innovative approach allows her to create a dynamic soundscape that is both captivating and interactive.

COLOR.LOVE has held residencies at LA’s most prestigious clubs, including Exchange & Academy, where she shared the stage with renowned DJs like Benny Benassi, Nora En Pure, Kevin Knapp, and Don Diablo. 

Her latest EP Something Different lands on Huxley’s Dumb Safari, two originals backed up with a killer remix from Daniel Orpi (elrow, Kaluki). 

“Last year I had a busy two months in Europe, between playing a private party in Italy, and going to Ibiza for a writing camp, I had 10 days to spare, so I went to Portugal to stay in my best friend’s empty house and write music.” says Color.Love of the new release. “This is where these two tracks were born.”

“Something Different is a song about living life on my own terms, celebrating uniqueness, and, honestly, inspiring guys to be more interesting when it comes to pick-up lines. This might be my favorite track I have ever written. The bass is my favorite part (usually is), and I used a lot of cool new tricks to create my own sounds. “

The Mix:

Sweaty began with my Venice beach crew last summer. We threw these epic house parties in the Venice canals which became quite famous. The late nights would spill over into the studio where I’d get my friends involved in writing lyrics and recording them on the spot. This song is a perfect example of how I take inspiration from everything around me, filter it through my own lens, then add as much ear candy as needed.”

I’m so pumped that Daniel Orpi was down to do the remix since I’ve been a huge fan of his music over the past few years and I really hope you enjoy this mix I’ve put together for Magnetic Magazine. 


1. Color.Love – Something Different

2. Color.Love – ID

3. Oscar G, Fleur De Mur – Out Of Your Mind (Harry Romero Remix)

4. El Jack – Noche En Boba

5. Color.Love – ID

6. Color.Love – ID

7. Richard Ulh, Rendher – Dancing Like Madonna

8. Slugg – Last Night

9. Jamie Coins – Pompy (Reelow East London Remix)

10. Color.Love – Party Break

11. Color.Love – ID

12. Thomas Newson – There’s Nothing

13. Mandragora, Beltran – Moonlight

14. Various Artists – Melondrop (Synth Mix)

15. Kolombo – Freez

16. Color.Love – ID

17. Un Padre, Dimitri J – From Belgrade to Ibiza

18. Color.Love – Something Different (Daniel Orpi Remix)

19. Color.Love – ID

20. Josh Butler – Seeder

21. Color.Love – Sweaty

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