Ren Zukii, the first and only female artist exclusively signed to WAKAAN, is back with a new single, “Push Up Ya Lighter,” featuring the UK hip-hop duo Virus Syndicate. Set to release on April 26th, this track highlights a different side of Ren Zukii’s musical repertoire. Combining UKG, breaks, and dark synth chords, this bass-heavy track is designed to captivate audiences during her live sets.

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Ren Zukii’s Unique Sound

Ren Zukii’s new single, “Push Up Ya Lighter,” showcases her ability to experiment with different genres. This track blends UK garage, breaks, and dark synth chords to create a bass-heavy experience. Ren Zukii explains that the collaboration process with Virus Syndicate was organic. She sent them a simple UKG idea, and they responded with high-energy rap vocals that complemented the beat perfectly.

Ren Zukii has recently concluded the Touch Bass 2024 tour in Australia and appeared on George FM Drive and Triple J, sharing her music with wider audiences. These appearances have further solidified her presence in the bass music scene.

Virus Syndicate’s Contribution

Virus Syndicate, known for its distinctive style, added its unique touch to “Push Up Ya Lighter.” The duo was inspired by the track’s sound and felt a strong connection to its beat. The duo expressed their excitement about the collaboration, noting that it allowed them to explore new lyrical territories. They believe the record will stand out and transcend musical boundaries.


Who is Ren Zukii?
Ren Zukii, also known as Rene Snow, is a bass music producer from Margaret River, Western Australia. She discovered drum & bass at 12 and later studied music production at university. Ren is known for her unique sound and has multiple releases on WAKAAN.

What is the release date for ‘Push Up Ya Lighter’?
The single is set to release on April 26th.

Who are Virus Syndicate?
Virus Syndicate is a UK hip-hop vocal duo known for their high-energy rap style.

What can listeners expect from ‘Push Up Ya Lighter’?
Listeners can expect a blend of UKG, breaks, and dark synth chords, creating a bass-heavy, vocal-focused track.

Ren Zukii’s collaboration with Virus Syndicate on “Push Up Ya Lighter” is a testament to her evolving musical style. Set to release on April 26th, this track promises to be a highlight in her live performances and a memorable addition to her discography. Watch for this release on WAKAAN and experience the unique fusion of styles that Ren Zukii and Virus Syndicate bring to the table.

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