Previously appearing on Modularz, Olympian, and Soma, France’s Elyas has been pushing quality techno for close to a decade, having played at prestigious venues such as Tresor, Berghain, Corsica Studios, amongst others. Hot off his release, ‘Homecoming’ on his Seclusion imprint, Elyas steps up to the Magnetic Mix series with an hour of pumping no-nonsense techno.


Samuel L Session - Paramount (Seclusion)

Samuel L Session - Paramount - Dj T-1000 Remix (Seclusion)

13130 Space Project - Triangulum Galaxy (Seclusion)

13130 Space Project - Triangulum Galaxy - Edit Select Remix (Seclusion)

HLX-1 - Come To Me (Seclusion)

Lachrymal - LV-426 - S-File Remix (Seclusion)

Gabriella Vergilov - Strashni Ochi (Symbolism)

The plant worker - Pfirter Remix (Unreleased)

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The Chemical Brothers - It Doesn't Matter (Virgin)

Insolate - Retrograde Motion (B-Pitch)

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Regis - Speak To Me (Downwards)

Gabriella Vergilov - The Love Anthem - Lindsey Herbert Remix (Northern Parallels)

Sterac Electronics - Destination Reached (Music man)