The next artist in our Magnetic Mix series is Zvrra. The Chicago-based artist is prepping the release her latest LP Array of Light this Friday. The follow up to her December 2020 LP Flow State, Array of Light expands on the themes from her previous record. Not only does it add another song, but it also builds with intricately crafted songs and patterns of sounds that draw you in to their hypnotic grip.

She started making music at 18 after being influenced by dance anthems in cartoons and video games like Midnight Club II. She started to hone in on her sound that glides between icy ambient, swirling techno and some Chicago sounds like juke.

She carries those same sounds into this mix that sets the tone with the first two songs and then slowly evolves from there.

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"This is probably my favorite mix to date due to the creativeness within the first two tracks and then how it evolves! I've been waiting for the perfect chance to play these too,” explains Zvrra. “This one showcases what's been in my ear throughout these past years. I threw down and I hope you can experience this mix here as I have cheers."

Listen to the mix and follow along with the tracklist. Pre-order Array of Light before it is released this Friday, November 19.


1. Øberøn - Azhi Dahaka (Stanislav Tolkachev Remix)
2. Blackbelt Andersen - Saturn (Original Mix)
3. Collision - Nonlocal Silence
4. Van Morph - Yellow Flashings (Original Mix)
5. Cliche Morph - Ricochet
6. MODIG - Testo (Original Mix)
7. Dekeyden - Systematic Pattern (Original Mix)
8. Reggy Van Oers - Place Of Connect
9. Kaiser - East Nature
10. Monovsn & ASEC - Irradiate
11. Eremitas - We Were Not Born Programmed (Original Mix)
12. Ryan James Ford - D614G (Original Mix)
13. Ribé - Shapes (Original Mix)
14. MEka - Sensaciones Oscuras (Original Mix)
15. Headliner - A New Hope (Original Mix)
16. Sascha Rydell - Rude (Original Mix)
17. Ryan James Ford - M21 Junction 20W (Original Mix)
18. Valmay - Remember (Original Mix)