We are very happy to be premiering another new tune from Australian producer Human Movement. He has a new EP lined up titled Clutch! that will be released this Friday, November 19 via NY label HOMAGE. The four-track EP comes with three originals and a remix from Ozzy. We are happy to take the most hectic track of the bunch, “Rude Boi” for premiere.

“Rude Boi” is as described – rude and in your face. It combines a touch of acid, chunky, squelching bass, soaring rave synths, some breaks and a pitched vocal encouraging you to dance even harder. This was designed for a rowdy night anywhere you do.

“’Rude Boi’ was always going to be my first release for when our lockdown was over in Australia,” explains Human Movement. “I wanted it to harness the same energy that people would have when they finally had the opportunity to go out and dance at that first club or party again.”

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He does an excellent job channeling the spirit of the club into this tune that is rude, hectic and rowdy. The Clutch! EP will be released this Friday, November 19. Pre-order the EP here.

Clutch! Tracklist:

A1. Rude Boi
A2. Lody’s Hips
B1. Slim Lim
B2. Lody’s Hips (Ozzy Remix)