Nottingham-raised musician/DJ/producer Matt Cutler, AKA Lone has detailed his new album Always Inside Your Head. Now his eighth overall and first album in five years, the LP has a few changes for the producer. It will be his first with vocals, tabbing Morgane Diet on two tracks, and he moves to Greco-Roman for the release. His 2016 album Levitate was on R&S and it would make sense why he would dip from there.

The album has a slew of music touch points, it was mainly influenced by the Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. “I wanted to approach a range of different styles, but attack them from their angle in a way, so for example on 'Inlove2' I tried to imagine what a Balearic / acid house tune might sound like if it were produced by Kevin Shields,” explains Lone.

The album largely exists between trip hop on Mo' Wax, 90s Warp, intelligent drum & bass and ambient house, with some heavier tracks as well.

Always Inside Your Head will be released on October 22. The first track “Hidden By Horizons” with Morgane Diet is out now. Pre-order the LP now.


01. Hidden By Horizons feat. Morgane Diet
02. Realise
03. Echo Paths
04. Visited By Astronauts
05. Inlove2
06. Mouth Of God
07. Akoya feat. Morgane Diet
08. Tree For Tree
09. Undaunted
10. Coming Into Being and Passing Away