Whether sonically, lyrically, or visually, Dontmesswithjuan’s new album Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness sets the tone and confirms the astonishing potential of the young emerging creative force. The entire tracklist is a powerful display of her versatility as a trailblazing artist capable of imagining a new kind of genre she calls Surrealist Electronica. Scroll down for the full interview. 

Hey, good to have you at FoEDM! How are you? What are you working on lately? 

Hey there :) Thank you so much for having me, it’s a pleasure. Lately I have been working on the content surrounding my first album, and making more music as well. Being very grateful for my musical path and trying to use the motivation coming from this album release to push myself more and grow stronger with every song, every opportunity, every mistake.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest release Juan & The Pursuit Of Happiness

This album is the first eternal cycle lived by the fictional character Juan. Every song is a level he needs to go through to get to the next. He is looking for happiness, but he will end up finding himself, portrayed in a new character. It’s a humble exploration of the timeless human theme of purpose.

How is your new album different from your previous releases? 

It’s the first release that makes sense to me as a concept. It’s how I imagine releasing music through this project, through a universe. Tying the songs together with another layer of meaning. It’s pushing me to make sense of some ideas and practice my creativity. And also a very freeing way of letting loose and giving myself the right to go where I want to go (kind of unconsciously) with music. Not limiting myself by worrying about what people will think of it.

Which song from the LP are you the proudest of? Is there any single would you like to highlight to our readers? The last song called Young Lady is the song I am proudest of. I love the chord progression, in my opinion it’s the one that resonates the most with the surreal element I personally love in the music I listen to. Also, it’s the most recent I have produced, and since I learn and grow with each song, it’s the production I like the most as well.

What are you planning for the rest of 2021? 

I’m planning on releasing collaborations and remixes until the next album. Also continuing to promote the album through different material. But it’s all the unknown and the path is creating itself as I go, so I’m open to adapt to what life will be throwing at me.

Good luck! 

Thank you so much for this opportunity and taking interest in my project, it’s very much appreciated :)

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