Denver-based duo Factory Planets are now on their 3rd EP from the Utopian Dystopia Series that started dropping last year. Inspired by old-school downtempo jams, sample culture, and hip-hop instrumentals, the 3rd installment keeps you guessing at the samples used and provides the perfect groove for working, chilling, smokin' or atmosphere vibes. 

LoFi can often be too short, too similar, too cookie cutter, and something that dissolves into your consciousness rather than dwell there for a while. 

"We wanted to elevate the genre a bit with a structure that still respects the LoFi vibe, but has a bit more to it," says Chic Hooligan, one half of the duo that includes Tech House producer BenA. 

"We are inspired by old cuts on labels like Ninja Tune, Warp, Shadow Records, and many defunct labels. If you listen to early Bonobo, that's kind of the vibe we look to emulate with a bit of a modern twist... you might just recognize some of the loops and samples buried deep within."

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Beatport Exclusive - Pick it up HERE

Utopian Dystopia 2.0 HERE

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Below is an exclusive mix from BenA to celebrate the launch of the last EP in the Utopian Dystopian series. More tunes coming soon with some different vibes later this year.