Back on Toolroom it’s Leftwing : Kody who are poised to shake things up with their sun-soaked, tropical groover ‘Mallet’. A duo who need no introduction, Leftwing : Kody are one of the key members of the Toolroom Family, who are responsible for some of the labels biggest records. From last year’s Piano House anthem ‘If You Wanna’ to their 2019 mega hit ‘I Feel It’, when it comes to writing BIG club tunes, Leftwing : Kody certainly know their stuff.

For their next release on Toolroom, Leftwing : Kody go back to their clubbier roots on ‘Mallet’, opting for a more grimier underground sounding record as opposed to the vocal led, Piano driven House music that Leftwing : Kody have become synonymous with over the past few years. ‘Mallet’ itself is a record that is all about the rhythm, boasting an Afro esque, tribal groove with a brash percussive mallet hits and a ground shakingly deep bass line that will fire up the dance floor in no time. Interspersed vocal cuts echo throughout the record, culminating in one of Leftwing : Kody’s finest releases to date. ‘Mallet’ is a refreshing return to form for the London based duo, and one which defines Toolroom’s sound for 2022 perfectly.

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