Marking his return to tastemaker label Cafe De Anatolia for the first time since his EP ‘Riviera’ back in 2020, buzzing electronic music maestro IV-IN has teamed up with Andra R to deliver “You’re A Fire.” IV-IN is well known for his ethnic sensibilities and effortless incorporations of organic sounds into dance and downtempo music, and “You’re A Fire” is no exception.

Driven by soft kicks and minimal percussion, the multi-layered tune constantly ebbs and flows with the help of soft vocal lines and ever-evolving analog synth lines, making up for one of IV-IN's best singles to date. “You’re A Fire” also comes alongside two stunning remixes from none other than electronic duo Ykonosh, and German brothers Überhaupt & Außerdem, who each display their unique sonic identities while paying homage to the original’s artistic and sonic direction.