Lee Reynolds is a man of many lives. The former BMX star transformed into a renowned DJ in the late 90’s, becoming a co-founder of the Desert Hearts crew, and now, a formidable producer. He’s dived deeper and deeper into the craft of music-making over the years, and has emerged with his own unique style of quirky, ecstatic house and electronica. After landing his first EP on his home of Desert Hearts alongside Memo Rex in 2017, the time has come for him to go completely solo with a highly personal, and danceable, “Can’t Rewind”.

“Can’t Rewind” opens with its namesake track, which also features Reynolds himself on vocals. The tune’s electric guitar-infused arrangement leads into the dance floor-ready “It’s On,” whose pronounced bassline and rhythmic percussion make it a stripped-down, yet grooving listen. “Sex Gangs” is pumped with 80s-inspired synthwork and vocals that create an almost sinister effect, while the EP closes with an uplifting “Revolution Earth,” whose keyboard accents and deep house feel built for the afterhours—or perhaps the afternoon Desert Hearts floor. Speaking of Desert Hearts, Lee will of course be joining the rest of the crew of Mikey Lion, Marbs, and Porky on the festival’s singular stage for their annual family set and a set of his own from April 25-29.

Lee has earned the nickname “Papa Lee” by Desert Hearts fans, drawing a full house to each and every one of his sets due to his infectious energy and equally thrilling house
sets. Expect to hear “Can’t Rewind” all throughout the weekend by himself and others in the Desert Hearts extended family.