Laya Laya are a self-claimed ‘Vocal Electronic Music' duo based out of London, UK who have been placing their mark on the music industry since the release of their debut single “Vampire” earlier this year. For only releasing music for under a year publicly, these two are clearly on to something. Their unique fusion of music blends Electronic, R&B and Pop music, especially on their latest drop “Tiger”, which you can check out below. Immediately drawing you in, “Tiger” starts with a gentle instrumental over faint bird song that acts as a sonic introduction to the track’s jungle setting – filled with an eclectic blend of Synth and Electronic beats setting the song up for a vibrant and immersive soundscape.  Read a quote from Laya Laya below and under that stream their latest drop!

“We both have a shared feeling of not fitting in anywhere- always between worlds- and that sense of not belonging is reflected in our sound. We kind of live in no mans land somewhere between alt pop, RnB and dance”