Inspired by soul, hip-hop, and lo-fi electronic beats, Pasadena producer Purporangejuice is a genre-bending genius. The rising musician transcends sound with his slick and tricky single “Purpleorange.” Markedly electronic, the track's algorithm is chilled-out and accessible to the average music consumer. Dazzling chords strike against a colorful, narcotic bassline that proves his signature sound is vogue and stylish as hell. Equal parts experimental and approachable, this bright-eyed joint is a refreshing moment in a trying time. Released via Warpaint Records, “Purpleorange” pairs nicely with an herb-filled zigzag and a bright fall day. Listen to this impressive lo-fi inspired release below and watch this space for more from Purporangejuice.


purporangejuice. · Purpleorange

Warpaint Records · Purporangejuice – Purpleorange