New York City producer Squired and mystery producer juuku team up for an emotionally powerful new collaboration entitled “Reaching For U” that is out now MrSuicideSheep imprint Found/Red Records. The gripping bass fueled single features airy and majestic synths, stunning vocals from R&B songstress, Chloe Tang, and is accompanied by a mesmerizing visual created by juuku themself.

Reaching for U” follows on the successes of juuku’s, “Gone” feat. Natalie, which was released through MrSuicideSheep imprint Found/Red Records, and Squired’s 2019 future-bass anthem, “Like I Do” feat. Emily Terran. EDM fans can expect a lot more in store from these two rising dance stalwarts. If you're looking for a extreme collaboration that will make you feel something, look no further. Check out “Reaching For U” below now and read quotes from both artists below that!

“It's wild how we change throughout the years, gaining and leaving parts of ourselves along the way. When Squired sent the demo to me, I felt so much emotional resonance to it. I wanted to build onto this track the experiences I've had finding and losing pieces of myself throughout my own journey. I heard Chloe out sheer serendipity and immediately fell in love with her singing. I'm so glad it all worked out – she drove the balance of the hopeless / hopeful emotions so beautifully on our track.”- juuku

“This track is the product of what started as a personal therapeutic journey for me during a time when I felt pretty emotionally and creatively clouded. I sent the demo over to my good friend juuku and he immediately connected with the idea. He and Chloe worked their magic and we created the ‘Reaching for U‘ that you hear today!” – Squired