The artist formally known as Lonshi has gone through a rebrand and emerged as ULTRAGABE. The eccentric performer is out to break the mold on contemporary dance music with a hybrid of emotional punk, pop, dance, synth wave, power rock. It is damn near impossible to label this producer under one, two, or even three genres After breaking onto the scene last year with Natural Obsessions I had expected the up and comer to take over the world. Well, it was not on my timeline but ULTRAGABE is here give you a taste of what he has been up to. Two tracks that are tied together, Knife + Bloodlet which sound absolutely nothing alike but somehow work when listened to in succession.

Knife begins with synths that spiral out into the unknown. The drums hit bringing with them a rock edge that cuts right through the celestial synths. ULTRAGABE, who provides his own vocals, sings with a mix of sadness and anger that resonates throughout my bones.

Bloodlet is an artist piece that begins with an indie rock vibe. The guitar rings out dreary notes as ULTRAGABE's vocals spill emotion into the unique track. There is a moment that slips into a trance-like song only to fade back out as if it were a someone were in REM sleep bouncing between dreams of desire and despair.

You can listen to Kife and Bloodlet below. Be sure to check out the Lyrical Visualette for Knife as well.

Lyrical Visualette

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