NEW JUSTICE, well kind of. Gaspard Augé, one half of Justice has released a new solo track “Force Majeure” and announced his debut solo album titled Escapades. The single comes with a short video, filmed on the factory floor of the Bosphorus cymbal factory in Turkey, where Augé performs the drum intro to the track as cymbals are being crafted all around him.

“We were really attracted by the epic visual appeal of cymbal making, bronze, fire, hammers, something almost mythological and elemental like Vulcan or the Nibelungen,” states Augé in a statement. “We chose Bosphorus Cymbals because they had this very traditional process that barely changed in centuries, in this video i am just a link in the chain of production and quality control, after all these cymbals have been melted, hand hammered, and lathed into a musical object.”

The track itself isn’t far off from what has been done with Justice, fitting somewhere along the lineage of Woman and Audio, Video, Disco, while also moving distinctly on its own funky, synth-led plane.

The single is the first taste of his upcoming album Escapades, which will be released at some point in the future. No other details on the album have been released yet. For now, listen to “Force Majeure” via Genesis / Ed Banger Records / Because Music.