Joseph Capritati has released new single 'Goa'.

'Goa' is taken from Joseph's new album 'Metamorfosi', which comes out on his label Redimension on September 4.

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The Italian producer's single is synth-powered and hypnotic and made purely for the dancefloor. According to the press release, "It is arranged to take you on a journey within and engineered to make you feel alive from your very core."

'Metamorfosi' comes with a bunch of collaborations, including tracks with Louie Vega, James Senese, Eric Kupper and Byron Stingily.

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On the album's theme, Joseph said: "It is definitely not a pure dancefloor record. It is diverse, which for me is the spirit of an album. I really hope that people will get the message.”

Listen to and buy 'Goa' here.

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