Eph'd Up Records have been ripping up the bass house scene since it's inception boasting some of the biggest bass house anthems of 2019 and early 2020. We were waiting for this day to come, and it's here. One of our favorite bass house artists Jaycen A'mour has joined the Eph'd Up force, teaming with Spanish electro stud Pex L.

“Feelin' Tonight” is a collaboration where you can actually hear that both artists had a major part in making the track. Pex L's electro vibes ride heavy throughout the vocal verses and lead while Jaycen A'mour's masterclass in bass house takes over on the drop. Metallic stabs and gritty bass are the stars of this show as this one is going to absolutely RIP up the clubs and festivals once we get back on track. Check out this absolute SLAPPER below.


Jaycen A'mour, Pex L – Feelin Tonight