BOSS has launched its Katana Gen 3 Guitar Amplifier lineup, marking the third generation of the highly successful Katana amp series. These new amplifiers promise to take your guitar playing to the next level with their evolved performance, updated sounds, and enhanced features. The seven Katana Gen 3 models incorporate advanced BOSS Tube Logic technology, delivering even greater sound, feel, and response, including a new Pushed amp character that edge-of-breakup enthusiasts will adore.

Additionally, the BOSS Tone Studio app has been revamped, offering more intuitive remote amp and effects editing workflows.

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Refined Performance and Sound

BOSS Katana Series Legacy

Since its debut in 2016, the BOSS Katana series has become a staple for guitarists worldwide. It blends professional, tube-inspired sound with modern advantages such as onboard effects, one-touch memory recall, deep sound customization, and variable power control. The Katana Gen 3 amps build on this legacy, enhancing the core platform with refined Tube Logic technology and reactive Class AB power. These amplifiers encapsulate decades of BOSS development expertise, offering unparalleled range and versatility for a playing experience.

Expanded Amp Characters and Effects

The Katana Gen 3 lineup retains the five beloved amp characters from previous models, including the iconic high-gain Brown type, and introduces the new Pushed character. This addition features internal dynamic enhancements, delivering the touch-responsive gain of a clean combo driven into harmonic saturation. Each six amp character has a selectable variation, providing 12 unique tones to suit any musical style. Certain models also feature a newly developed Bloom circuit, revoicing the amp’s feel and response for an even richer playing experience.

Katana Gen 3 amps come with five onboard effect categories: Booster, Mod, FX, Delay, and Reverb. These effects, drawn from the historic BOSS library, offer enhanced sound quality and intuitive parameter controls, with three variations each, totaling 15 unique effects. The updated BOSS Tone Studio software for macOS and Windows allows users to customize these onboard effects from 60 different types and tweak options not available from the amp’s panel.

With the optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor, users can stream audio from mobile devices and wirelessly edit sounds using the BTS editor app for iOS and Android.

Katana Gen 3 Models and Features

Katana-50 Gen 3 and Katana-50 EX Gen 3

The Katana-50 Gen 3 is the entry-level model, perfectly balancing punch and portability with 50 watts of power in a compact 1×12 combo. The Katana-50 EX Gen 3 builds on this with enhancements tailored for live performers, including an upgraded speaker and support for the GA-FC and GA-FC EX Foot Controllers.

Katana-100 Gen 3 and Katana-100/212 Gen 3

For those needing more power, the Katana-100 Gen 3 delivers 100 watts in a portable 1×12 combo, providing big, stage-ready sound. The Katana-100/212 Gen 3 offers even richer sound with its 100 watts of power and two custom 12-inch speakers, making it ideal for larger venues.

Katana Head Gen 3 and Katana Artist Gen 3

The Katana Head Gen 3 is a compact head unit featuring 100 watts of power, a Bloom voicing option, and an onboard 5-inch speaker for practice and tone checks. The flagship Katana Artist Gen 3 delivers the ultimate Katana experience with 100 watts of power, a custom 12-inch Waza speaker, Bloom voicing, and advanced tone tools.

Katana Artist Head Gen 3

Finally, the Katana Artist Head Gen 3 offers the core features of the flagship model in a robust 100-watt amplifier head, perfect for those seeking top-tier performance in a head unit format.


What makes the Katana Gen 3 different from previous models?

The Katana Gen 3 series features enhanced Tube Logic technology, a new Pushed amp character, and the Bloom circuit in select models, providing improved sound, feel, and response. The BOSS Tone Studio app has also been updated for more intuitive editing.

Which Katana Gen 3 model is right for me?

The Katana-50 Gen 3 is ideal for portability and practice, while the Katana-50 EX Gen 3 adds live performance enhancements. The Katana-100 Gen 3 and Katana-100/212 Gen 3 are excellent choices for more power. The Katana Head Gen 3 and Katana Artist Gen 3 offer advanced features, with the Artist models providing the ultimate performance.

Can I customize the effects on the Katana Gen 3 amps?

Yes, the updated BOSS Tone Studio software allows you to customize onboard effects from 60 different types and tweak deep options not available from the amp’s panel.

Are the Katana Gen 3 amps suitable for live performances?

Absolutely. Models like the Katana-50 EX Gen 3, Katana-100 Gen 3, Katana-100/212 Gen 3, and the Artist models are designed for live performance, offering powerful sound and extensive connectivity options.

The BOSS Katana Gen 3 Guitar Amplifiers represent the pinnacle of BOSS’s amplifier technology, offering refined sound, enhanced features, and unparalleled versatility. Whether you’re practicing at home, performing on stage, or recording in the studio, there’s a Katana Gen 3 model to suit your needs. With the updated BOSS Tone Studio app, customizing your sound has never been easier. Experience the evolution of tone with the Katana Gen 3 lineup.

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