Introducing the Joolca HOTTAP V2 — the smallest portable water heater in its class, designed to make camping trips more comfortable and convenient. Whether car camping or embark on an adventurous journey, the HOTTAP V2 ensures you have access to hot water with just a flick of a switch.

The Joolca Hottap V2 stands out with its impressive features, ensuring you enjoy the luxury of a hot shower even in the wilderness. With over 15 hours of run time on a single gas tank, this water heater guarantees a steaming hot shower, even during winter, thanks to its powerful 37,500-BTU burner.

Long Distance Feeds and Powerful Pump

The HOTTAP V2 features a robust pump that self-primes to 6 feet and can push water up to 100 feet uphill. Rated to IPX3, the pump can withstand rain, hail, and shine, ensuring reliability in various weather conditions. Plus, the pump is designed to run dry without damage, making it perfect for locations with limited water supply.

Two-Stage Water Filter

Equipped with a two-stage water filter, the HOTTAP V2 removes all but the finest sediments from your water source. It’s durable enough to be used in shallow rivers and creeks, and cleaning is a breeze. Untwist the cover, pull it apart, flush with water, and reassemble — no tools required.

Choose Your Ideal Kit

The HOTTAP V2 is available in different kits to suit your needs:

  • HOTTAP Essentials Kit: $299 or 4 payments of $74.75 with Afterpay
  • HOTTAP Outing Kit: $449 or 4 payments of $112.25 with Afterpay
  • HOTTAP Nomad Kit: $549 or 4 payments of $137.25 with Afterpay

Special Offer: Enjoy a 10% discount at checkout or save 15% on orders over $1000 during the Memorial weekend sale.

Fast Setup and Easy Operation

Setting up the HOTTAP V2 is quick and straightforward. With Quick Connect water inlets and outlets and a Quick Connect Gas attachment, you’ll be ready to go in no time. The one-touch operation allows you to start the flow of hot water instantly.

Simple controls allow you to adjust the temperature to your preference. The modular showerhead can be handheld or mounted on the ceiling, offering flexibility in your showering experience. Additionally, the HOTTAP V2 comes with a faucet attachment for sink use, making dishwashing more convenient.

Innovative Design for Ultimate Flexibility

The HOTTAP V2’s design caters to various needs:

  • Dishwashing: Enjoy a home-like sink and faucet setup.
  • Magnet Mount: Attach the showerhead to any metal surface or hang it from a hook.
  • Tent Integration: Separate the hose from the handle for a ceiling-mounted shower with a convenient wall switch.
  • Rich Spray: The shower hose provides a rich spray at all flow rates and angles.

Reliable in Any Environment

Use the HOTTAP V2 with a jerry can or any natural water source. Its sturdy two-stage water filter ensures clean water from creeks or lakes, pumping up to 100 feet to your campsite.

Cleaning the two-stage water filter is hassle-free. No tools are needed — just untwist the cover, pull apart, flush with water, and reassemble.


Partnership with Joolca

Exciting news! We’ve just partnered with Joolca, the Australian camping company specializing in making home comforts for outdoor use. Founded in 2012, Joolca focuses on enhancing your camping experience by providing comfort where you’d least expect it. Their flagship product, the HOTTAP portable water heater, helps campers stay warm and clean with the quick flip of a switch. Paired with Joolca’s ensuite, it offers quick privacy in the outdoors with ultra-fast assembly.


Q: How long can the HOTTAP V2 run on a single gas tank? A: The HOTTAP V2 can run for over 15 hours on a single gas tank.

Q: Can the pump handle rain and harsh weather? A: Yes, the pump is rated to IPX3, making it resistant to rain, hail, and shine.

Q: How far can the pump push water uphill? A: The pump can push water up to 100 feet uphill.

Q: Is the water filter easy to clean? A: Yes, the two-stage water filter can be cleaned without tools by simply untwisting the cover, pulling it apart, flushing with water, and reassembling.

Q: What kits are available for the HOTTAP V2? A: The HOTTAP V2 is available in the Essentials Kit, Outing Kit, and Nomad Kit, each offering different features to suit your camping needs.


The Joolca HOTTAP V2 is the ultimate portable water heater for camping enthusiasts, providing hot showers and versatile water solutions with ease and convenience. With its powerful pump, easy maintenance, and various kit options, the HOTTAP V2 ensures a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. Don’t miss out on the special offers and make your next camping trip even better with the HOTTAP V2.

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