Celebrated Los Angeles based DJ and producer HoneyLuv is excited to share her red-hot debut house music single “F R E E,” out now on indie electronic emblem Popgang Records. Already a well respected DJ, “F R E E” marks an impressive debut chock-full of electrifying energy and a highly addictive party-ready vibe. The track features a dynamic sound pallet of vogue house piano stabs and old school piano house harmonies layered with thundering breaks, tech house drops, and powerful vocals from HoneyLuv herself. “F R E E” has the makings of a modern dance music classic. The catchy hook, “Free the People, Free the Soul, Free your Mind, Just let Go” instantly transports listeners into HoneyLuv’s dance music utopia, inviting them to move freely to the music and express their authentic selves.

“We live in a world where many people are afraid to be themselves. I feel this song reiterates the message that people can simply be free. I invite you to free your mind of all your worries and doubts, let go, and live your truth!” – HoneyLuv

Check out “F R E E” below on Spotify!