After setting out to create a sound and style that spins current trends on their head, it's safe to say GunFight has done just that in his latest single, “Lethal.” Here, he's taking the popular midtempo bass trend and added a bit of rock flare to it. The result is an undeniable burst of unmitigated energy coming through the speakers. Tying it all together is a set of wonderful female vocals which perfectly contrast and compliment the heavy bass elements of the drops.

To go a bit deeper into the man himself, GunFight describes himself as a versatile driving force with his music and growing fan base. Over the past years, he's earned the support from the likes of Cedric Gervais, Craze, Don Diablo and Lost Frequencies with his unique take on trends of the time. Now, he's set out to forge his own signature sound and given his two strong releases in 2020, he's poised to do just that. Keep an eye out for him by following him on socials and checking out “Lethal” below.