Jon Casey makes his return with a brand new banger that is ready to knock you off your feet. Released Quality Goods Records, the energetic new tune is the latest on the label and is bound to lift you off into a whole new dimension of trap music.

Jon Casey's signature style is on full display with this one, giving listeners a rambunctious trap heater that’s definitely going to get your head nodding. Bent and pitched vocals teeter as the percussion steadily builds. Wasting little time, listeners are hit with a drop that pounds with a hyperspace intensity.

Here's a quote direct from Jon Casey regarding the creation of the track:

“The way I created the main lead is something I ended up doing a lot and still practice a lot. I created a long automated midi track with many different parameters changing and then resampled it into audio and just chopped and screwed it into the pattern that is now apparent on the final track. This song is a trap track to get people’s heads moving. Something to turn up to.”

Make sure to check out Jon Casey's new single “Kosher” out now Quality Goods Records below..