2017 marked significant evolutions in hip hop, pop, and electronic music. The year also saw the infiltration grime music into the mainstream through the acclaimed efforts such artists as , , Giggs, Wiley, and even the facetious efforts on the viral hit “Man’s Not Hot.”

Emerging in London in the early 2000s, grime’s origin stems from the UK underground, where the genre was heavily influenced by the soundscapes UK garage and jungle, as well as ragga, hip hop, and dancehall. Grime initially spread through the underground scenes on pirate radio stations such as the now infamous Rinse FM or Sunshine 855.

The genre has been described as the “most significant musical development within the UK for decades,” so its only fitting that  is aligning with the times by ficially recognizing grime as a genre on their platform. The update will categorize grime music and make it easier for fans to listen to and discover their favorite grime artists through curated playlists and more.

Photo Credit: GoodMoMusic

Grime is now an ficial genre on Spotify