Goldie has founded a new label called Fallen Tree 1Hundred to showcase his tastes from outside the world of drum ‘n’ bass.

The first release is a 12-track album called ‘Free’ from British neo-soul artist Natalie Duncan (pictured) which is out on July 24.

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Speaking about the release, Natalie Duncan said: “I'm a pianist first and foremost and that's how I always write my songs: they begin life on the piano before I start mapping out arrangements for other instruments. I knew that I wanted simplicity in this album, which is why there aren't thick sonic layers and grand orchestration.”

The album also features drummer Richard Spaven, trumpet player Aaron Janick and bassist Alan Mian.

Goldie said: “I’ve been watching Natalie grow over the last fifteen years, from humble beginnings on “Goldie’s Band”, and she has always been a musical muse to me. She’s blossomed into an absolute powerhouse singer and songwriter, and this is her best work to date, her magnum opus: I couldn’t be more proud to have this album as the first release on Fallen Tree 1Hundred.”

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Head to the label’s website for further details and listen to the first single ‘Sirens’ below.

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