Alice The G00N releases a new rhythm and dance masterpiece called “Forever.” The single reveals the romantic side of the artist as she shows off her potent voice singing: “I will never be the same/ Because I love you/When night is darkest/ I find light in your kiss/This I know for sure/True love is forever.”

“Forever” is an honest and soft track that incorporates electronic and R&B rhythms. The perfectly arranged synths and percussion along with Alice The G00n’s excellent vocals attract the listeners and engage them in a more profound way. Cruising her way in and out of different sounds, she likes to mix in her love of 60s Murder-City soul, kung-fu flicks, club classics from the 90s, NY  hip-hop, chiptune, gaming, pop divas, and neofuturistic fashion into her style.

 “Who Do You Love?” and “Lucky” are indicators of her broad range. She loves to experiment with different genres of music to see what comes out, while staying true to who she is as an artist.

 Inspired by mega artists such as Aretha, Donna, and Whitney, Alice The G00N is sure to leave a lasting impression as well. “Forever” is on its way to becoming one of her most acclaimed songs.

Alice The G00n:

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