What is up dance music fans? Today we are hitting you with an incredible, late Summer banger put together from collaborating artists, Cuish and Lupage. This track has everything that you would expect to see in a late Summer banger, but has a ton of energy and original sound designs that we aren't used to hearing in the dance music world.

The highlights of the track are the haunting and ghostly sang lyrics, but become easier to sing along with as the song progress. You will find yourself belting them out by the time the last hook hits.

Transitioning between drops, builds, and breakdowns, the track really has a super-cohesive feel to it – something that is often overlooked in the production world, yet, Lupage and Cuish really focused on this elements, making sure there was no mental breaks throughout this track. Not to mention the overall mix and master are absolutely spot on and come through clearly!

This was a total banger of a track by these two young up and coming artists and we urge you to take a listen, whether you're winding down for the day, gearing up for a night out, or taking a long Summer drive, you will absolutely appreciate this one!