The new app, Sweatcoin is making waves in the crypto and fitness industry. It pays it's user for walking with it's own coin. Over the course months users can accumulate enough Sweatcoin to purchase higher end fitness products, or convert the coin into USD which is then sent to the user Paypal.

Festival Goers: This App Pays You In Crypto For Walking And Dancing

I am sure you have a lot questions, and so do I. I was unable to find how this company is able to pay it's users for just walking, but if I to guess, they are selling the GPS data they gather from you in some form. The app is also linked to GPS, so working out at the gym will not help you gain any Sweatcoin. Still if you plan on going to a festival like Electric Forest or Tomorrowland where the grounds are massive and require a lot walking – this is the perfect app to download and forget about while you save up a new exciting coin.

To learn more about Sweatcoin check out their website here.