Faux Tales has released a new album titled Hiraeth. This album has been two years in the making. Back in 2017 Faux Tales secluded himself in a cabin away from civilization and started the groundwork for the album. Now, in 2019, it's ready for the public to consume.

I first heard of Faux Tales when I stumbled upon a remix he did for Above and Beyonds Counting Down The Days, which if you have not heard you must circle back and listen to it HERE). The genre-bending artist Faux Tales, effortlessly blends neo-classical piano, cinematic melodies and epic electronica.

Hiraeth is composed of nine amazing tracks which have the ability to transport you to a fantasy world somewhere between the Swiss Alps and Westeros. The soundscape created by Faux Tales on tracks like Behemoth and Home is on the Porter Robinson level, thats how good it is. The highlight of Hiraeth for me personally is the track Outreach; a complex track with a dark driving force that I have not felt since the first time I listened to Seven Lions Creation EP. The album as a whole is fantastic. The combination of beauty and raw power is what I have come to expect from Faux Tales and he has never let me down. You can listen to Hiraeth in its entirety below.

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