Last month Danish producer/musician and vocalist Fabian Mazur  returned to the market with his big single “King Is Back”. Now he delivers an even heavier vibe on his new track “Imma Get It”. The high energy top line and dark gritty production style sounds like it is already ready for the festival circuit – whenever that may come back! Check out a quote Fabian Mazur below and under that stream his newest single.

“Imma Get It” was inspired by rave culture and was specifically made for live shows, festivals and high-energy events. I wanted to create a stadium-like feel with the big synths in the break and a catchy vocal hook. For the drop I spent a lot of time on the sound design and ended up with a super dark-sounding lead that makes the track super gritty. I can’t wait to play this track out and see the energy this will give to the crowds!” – Fabian Mazur