Eptic – Anti-Human EP

Michael Bella, also known as Belgian electronic artist, Eptic, just released a four-track dubstep heavy EP ‘AntiHuman‘. It is appropriately named as the wobble sounds rattle your mind from ear to ear. Good dubstep is like a roller coaster every time- what comes next is always a surprise. The album is out now on Never Say Die Records.
Don’t let the infernal cover art deter you from diving into the depths of the sound. ‘Hold Me Back‘ starts off your journey into the abyss. As the chorus sings, you will want to be held back from the neck breaking ensuing from this track. Enjoy five minutes of syncopated 2-step drums and wobble bass in your face.
Sliding into the second track, ‘Watch Out‘ picks up the tempo, rounding out around 147-148 bpm. The beat incorporates trap here, DJ records scratch as you shake your head from side to side. Be sure to watch yourselves as the next song shows no signs of remorse.
No Mercy‘ is the third track of the EP. As you find yourself falling and then reaching the bottom, all the bass drops happen here. Once you land on the ground, it’s headbanging party time. Featured last on the album is Trampa’s remix of ‘Hold Me Back’, a trap remix designed to make children twerk, but grown-ups rage.
The mania began when Michael stayed at a friend’s place and came into contact with high powered nitro coffee. As anyone knows, this liquid fuels blood and lights you up with energy. All subatomic neutron particles in his body sent him into a 24-hour journey of insomnia. 16 cups later, a whole new world erupted for Eptic. He’s definitely causing some mayhem in the dub scene.

Stream the EP below and if you want to catch him live, purchase tickets for his North American Tour here.

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