When you first get stuck into Stellar Blade, the skill tree can be a little overwhelming with all of its different options. However, after sinking dozens of hours into the game we have sifted through all of the options initially available and come up with around a half-a-dozen great choices to grab as soon as you can.

Below, you can find those choices, as well as some details on why we think you should buy them first, instead of the other options available to you.

Stellar Blade best skills

  • Blink (best Survival skill)
  • Repulse (best Survival skill)
  • Double Dodge (best Survival skill)
  • Reflection (best Survival skill)
  • Beta Energy Recharge (best Survival skill)
  • Shield Damage Boost (best Beta skill)
  • Beta Energy Withdrawl (best Beta skill)
  • Aerial Blow (best Attack skill)
Stellar Blade Best Skills: Eve can be seen parrying an enemy
Credit: Shift Up


Blink is the most important skill in the game. This allows you to dodge out of the way of incoming attacks that glow blue. If you time it right, the game will slow down and Eve will teleport behind the enemy attacking her. You can then land a strong counter-attack or Beta attack to shred the enemy’s health.

This skill is particularly effective against enemies with a shield and bosses, which often have long recovery times.


As with Blink, this skill is effectively the opposite. Instead of teleporting behind an enemy, you will push the enemy away from you away from you. You can then dash in with a rush or use the time to heal.

This attack can only be performed when the enemy is using a fatal attack. These have a pink glow and performing a Repulse is harder than a Blink. But, with some practice, you will be able to nail the timing.

Double Dodge

Like the previous skills, Double Dodge is a necessity more than a nice-to-have. This makes dodging even easier, removes some of the input delay the game has between dodges and moves, and means you can survive a lot longer without slowly pulling your hair out because you can’t dodge an attack.

Especially when you want to take down and defeat Gigas, and when you move to the Wasteland, this skill becomes vital to avoiding death and the game would be significantly harder without it.


Alongside blocking and parrying, you will be dodging pretty often in Stellar Blade and this skill allows you to close the gap easily. You will find that after dodging you can’t actually get back up close to an enemy quickly.

This fixes that and allows you to hold square after a perfect dodge to rush into your targeted enemy with a strong, piercing blow. It can really elevate your combat skills and ensure you make the most of every window and opportunity to attack.

Stellar Blade Best Skills: Eve can be seen using the Triplet Beta attack
Credit: Shift Up

Beta Energy Recharge

Our final Survival skill is the Beta Energy Recharge skill. As mentioned above, you will be blocking (and hopefully) perfect parrying a bunch and this skill allows you to get even more Beta energy upon successfully landing a perfect parry.

This ensures that you can maximise your Beta energy gains and almost always have at least one Beta skill available at all times. This can help when fighting several enemies, a particularly well-armoured foe, or if you just need to wipe out a Naytiba quickly.

Shield Damage Boost

Out of all the Beta skills, the Shield Breaker attack is the most useful. This knocks off a substantial chunk of your enemy’s shield which can really help out in fights, allowing you to land some follow-up attacks, and complete a combo when its shield has completely depleted.

It isn’t one to grab right away, but you definitely should invest two points when you are able to either late in Eidos 7 or when exploring the Wasteland.

Beta Energy Withdrawal

The second best Beta attack is the Triplet. It can wipe out small grunts and even medium-sized enemies with just one use. This skill means that if you hit someone with it, you will just get a nice chunk of Beta energy back.

It isn’t a game-changer but it allows you to follow up with another Triplet attack or even a Slash or Shield Breaker.

Aerial Blow

The final skill we would recommend is the Aerial Blow. While not super damaging, Eve doesn’t have an easy way to get back to the ground quickly, and this allows her to do so with a ground pound and a press of the triangle button.

It can stun some groups of grunts, which is useful, but don’t be relying on it.

For even more tips on how to excel in combat, check out our guide covering the best equipment in Stellar Blade – detailing the Gear and Exospines to choose out of all the ones you find.

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