‘Tis the season – for cutting loose and going on a crazy festival adventure! And whether you’re a newbie or an experienced festival-goer, these two names – EDC and Coachella – couldn’t possibly let you remain indifferent.

Of course, many would love to attend both. But often, you have to make a choice.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to go to both. That’s often the case for students. But hey, you can always get academic paper help by WritePaper if homework weighs you down. Maybe, you can’t afford them financially – festivals get expensive fast.

Still, after so much time closed down in lockdowns with no real socialization or any festivals because of covid, there are plenty of people who want to finally spend quality time partying to the best artists in one place. So, which one to choose? Which one is the best? Is it worth going to both? To answer these questions, let’s break down the six main differences between EDC and Coachella.

A Word About EDC

Electric Daisy Carnival, or EDC, is the festival for all EDM lovers in the United States and beyond. In its essence, it’s a huge all-night party at the Las Vegas Speedway – and the largest EDM event in the whole of North America, too.

Along with the flagship event (which will be the focus of this article), other EDC events take place all over the world. Every year, EDC comes to China, Orlando, and Mexico.

Here are five basic facts you should know about EDC:

  • Genres: electronic dance music, dubstep, trance, techno, house;
  • Dates: a three-day weekend in May;
  • Founded: 1991;
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada;
  • Attendance: 475,000 (2021).

A Word About Coachella

Coachella (fully known as Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival) is an annual event that takes place right in the desert.

Year after year, it brings together the best of the best in various genres of music. For example, powerhouse celebrities like Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Eminem, the Weeknd, and Lady Gaga have all headlined Coachella.

Here’s what you need to know about this festival:

  • Genres: pop, rock, hip hop, indie, electronic dance music;
  • Dates: two consecutive three-day weekends in April;
  • Founded: 1999;
  • Location: Indio, California;
  • Attendance: 250,000 (2017).


As you can probably guess by now, the lineup is, arguably, the main difference between the two events.

EDC strives to bring you the who’s who in the world of electronic music. Coachella, in its turn, is headlined by pop, indie, and rock music celebrities, along with performers of other genres. And it’s only fair to mention that Coachella also hosts EDM performances in the Sahara tent.

Let’s compare the headliners for the 2022 iterations of both festivals. Here’s the lineup for Coachella 2022:

  • Harry Styles;
  • Billie Eilish;
  • The Weeknd;
  • Megan Thee Stallion;
  • Stromae;
  • Run the Jewels.

And here are the top performers of EDC 2022:

  • Armin van Buuren;
  • DJ Snake;
  • Zhu;
  • Imanbek;
  • Charlotte de Witte;
  • Grimes.

As for the stages, EDC has nine of them, each with its unique feel and light show. Coachella, on the other hand, has eight of them. Some stages are dedicated to a particular genre (for example, Sahara is meant for EDM performances). Others host multiple genres throughout the weekend.


Just like with any other festival, the performers aren’t the only reason you should consider  spending your spring weekend there. Both EDC and Coachella offer a plethora of other activities to help you enjoy your time on the festival grounds.

Here’s a scoop of what you can expect from EDC:

  • Light shows. They take over most performances and are often said to be the most memorable and breathtaking part of the event.
  • Rides. As EDC’s full name has the word ‘Carnival’ in it, it’s only natural that the organizers added rides to the festival.
  • Funkdafied Freaks. These are dancers, circus performers, stilters, and other artists that wander around the grounds.

And here are the three most famous activities available at Coachella:

  1. Ferris Wheel. You can take in the astonishing panoramic view of the desert from the top of the wheel.
  2. Coachella Art Studio. No, this isn’t a gallery: it’s a space where anyone (including you) can be an artist and let their creativity loose.
  3. The Antarctic. Designed to be a 360-degree immersive experience, The Antarctic is there to host music performances enhanced with digital art.


When it comes to eating, both festivals offer choices for all tastes. EDC offers dining options and drinks at a more democratic price tag. You’ll find coffee and simple breakfasts to start your day energized, pizzas and junk food, as well as salads and smoothies.

But keep in mind: it’s an all-night festival. So, there’s a chance that your body will need more than just a small snack!

While EDC keeps it simple, Coachella goes all out to give its attendees the best dining experience possible. The scene changes every year, but it always includes sophisticated brands, popular chains, and newcomers to the industry.

Crowd & Vibe

According to the attendees themselves, EDC is one wild party on a huge scale, and it attracts the kind of crowd that loves raves and parties. People are there to absolutely cut loose and party like there’s no tomorrow. And they’re open to making friendships with total strangers!

As for its desert counterpart, don’t get this wrong: people come to it to cut loose, too. But the crowd is more diverse at this festival. You have pockets of hardcore ravers and party-goers, people who are there to see their favorite indie performers, hip hop fans; you name it.

Still, you may find some attendees a bit reserved, especially compared to EDC. They chill and vibe on their own, so you might make fewer friends there.

Security Check

As any festival-goer who’s been to both festivals will tell you, the security check at the entrance of EDC is a complete nightmare – and an exhausting one at that.

The rules are overly strict, for one. You can’t enter with an opened pack of gum, for example; it has to be sealed. The same goes for cigarettes, deodorant, lip gloss and lipstick, and wet wipes.

The security check at Coachella is a breeze compared to that. You’ll have to empty your pockets, get a pat down, and then you’re free to enter. There’s also quite a long list of prohibited items, but it doesn’t get to the EDC’s extremes.


Of course, the price of attending a festival plays its role, inevitably. Here’s how much EDC would cost you, depending on the pass:

  • General admission 3-day pass: around $320;
  • VIP 3-day pass: around $700.

Besides that, you’ll have to factor in the price of a hotel or camping since there’s no on-site camping option. You might also need a shuttle pass to get to and from the festival grounds.

Coachella fares are more expensive than EDC. 2022 tickets were priced at:

  • General admission 3-day pass: $429;
  • VIP 3-day pass: $999.

On the bright side, there are on-site camping grounds available, with plenty of extra activities and perks for the residents.

In Conclusion

When it comes to which festival is the best for you, you’re the only one who can know. The answer hinges on your music tastes, preferences, and availability.

As they say, to each their own. Some will be thrilled with the Coachella lineup and vibe; for others, EDC will be a better investment of their time and money.

But if one had to sum it all up, EDC is perfect for diehard electronic music fans who want to cut loose with their kind for three nights straight. Coachella, in its turn, is a better choice for someone who likes pop music and wants to see all of the famous artists at one festival.