A Halifax, Canada based upcoming duo known simply  by the name  dope have caught my attention. Flawlessly bridging the gap between hip hop and bass music, the dope boys combine a unique mix of experimental bass, dub, rap, grime, and other forms of forward-thinking music. On their latest release, “Mild Drugs”, out now on FUXWITHIT, the group steps it up a notch on the intensity and gets really hectic while still sounding great. The high energy, bass infused original is a total banger that is well worth your attention, so tune in now after the jump! Above the stream of “Mild Drugs” read a quote from dope on their new single.

“The creation of this track started out very loosely, but really came together when we started sampling for vocal chops. One of our main goals with music is to give a natural high to listeners and this track is basically an allusion to this goal. We highlight this with the vocal chop ‘drugs to your eardrumʼ, which heavily encapsulates the metaphor our artistry as ‘dopeʼ represents.– dope