Kevin Saunderson has collaborated with Adam Beyer on a special project giving songs from Saunderson’s E-Dancer alias a facelift. E-Dancer Re:Generate is an album out today on Drumcode that has fellows DJs from Detroit, Berlin, and elsewhere like Robert Hood, DJ Bone, DJ Minx, TYGAPAW, rRoxymore, Amelie Lens and Special Request remix some his seminal records. Saunderson also includes a new E-Dancer track in the compilation, “The Rise.”

Over the 15 tracks, you will have people like Special Request adding some more heft to “Rock The Beat,” DJ Minx take “Uptempo” to another level and Robert Hood giving “Anongay” some more energy.

There is a lot of music to get through with most of the remixes running from six to nine minutes, but it is a treat to see Saunderson’s E-Dancer getting the love it deserves with some quality remixers.

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Pick up your copy here via Drumcode.