Universal Audio has just launched its new UA Standard Series dynamic microphones. These microphones—SD-3, SD-5, and SD-7—are designed for musicians and audio engineers seeking high-quality sound capture for drums and instruments. Equipped with Hemisphere Mic Modeling software, these mics offer the tones of iconic dynamic and ribbon microphones. The official release date is May 14, 2024, and these products promise to be a game-changer in the world of audio recording.

SD-3 Dynamic Microphone: A New Standard for Snare and Percussion

The SD-3 dynamic microphone is a versatile tool for recording snare drums, tom drums, loud guitar cabinets, and brass instruments. Priced at $129 for a single unit and $349 for a 3-pack, this microphone features a cardioid polar pattern that effectively rejects off-axis sounds. Its high SPL handling makes it suitable for loud environments, ensuring clear and professional recordings.

One of the standout features of the SD-3 is its integration with Hemisphere Mic Modeling software. This software allows users to emulate the sound of popular dynamic microphones, providing flexibility and precision in any recording setting. The SD-3 includes a stand mount and storage pouch, emphasizing its practicality and durability. Its rugged all-metal construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of both studio and live performance environments.

New UA Standard Series

SD-5 Dynamic Microphone: Perfect for Kick Drums and Bass Amps

Next in the lineup is the SD-5 dynamic microphone, priced at $199. This microphone is specifically designed to capture the punch and depth of kick drums and bass amps. With a super-cardioid polar pattern, it excels at rejecting unwanted background noise and focusing solely on the source of the sound.

The SD-5 also benefits from Hemisphere Mic Modeling, giving users access to the sounds of legendary kick drum mics. This feature allows for greater creativity and experimentation in the studio. The microphone’s high SPL handling capability ensures it can manage the intense volume levels of bass-heavy instruments without distortion. Like the SD-3, the SD-5 includes an integrated stand mount and storage pouch, making it a practical choice for any audio professional.

New UA Standard Series

SD-7 Dynamic Microphone: Ideal for Toms and Instruments

The SD-7 dynamic microphone is another impressive addition to Universal Audio’s Standard Series. Priced at $149, it is designed to capture the natural, open tone of tom drums, guitar cabinets, horns, and other instruments. Its hypercardioid polar pattern is particularly effective at rejecting off-axis sounds, ensuring the primary source is captured with clarity and precision.

Like its counterparts, the SD-7 incorporates Hemisphere Mic Modeling software, which allows users to access the sounds of renowned dynamic and ribbon microphones. This feature makes the SD-7 a versatile tool for various recording applications, from studio sessions to live performances. The microphone’s high SPL handling capability ensures it can manage loud sound sources without distortion, making it suitable for delicate and powerful instruments.

The SD-7 has an integrated stand mount and storage pouch, underscoring its practical design and robust construction. The rugged all-metal body ensures durability, making it a reliable choice for both professional and amateur audio engineers. Whether you’re recording a full band or a single instrument, the SD-7 dynamic microphone delivers professional-quality sound with ease.

New UA Standard Series


What is the release date for the new UA Standard Series dynamic microphones? They will be released on May 14, 2024.

What is the price of the SD-3 dynamic microphone? It costs $129 for a single unit and $349 for a 3-pack.

What instruments are best suited for the SD-5 dynamic microphone? The SD-5 dynamic microphone is ideal for capturing the sound of kick drums and bass amps.

Does the SD-7 dynamic microphone also use Hemisphere Mic Modeling software? Yes, like the SD-3 and SD-5, the SD-7 dynamic microphone uses Hemisphere Mic Modeling software to provide users with a range of iconic microphone tones.

What polar pattern does the SD-3 dynamic microphone have? The SD-3 dynamic microphone features a cardioid polar pattern.


Universal Audio’s new UA Standard Series dynamic microphones, including the SD-3, SD-5, and SD-7, are set to redefine audio recording standards. With the integration of Hemisphere Mic Modeling software, these microphones offer users unparalleled flexibility and quality. Whether you are recording in a studio or performing live, these microphones are designed to deliver professional-grade sound every time. Mark your calendars for the release on May 14, 2024, and get ready to elevate your audio recording experience.

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