We recently caught up with Seattle-based DJ and Producer Matt McNeil A.K.A Attican, whose brand new double A-side EP “Sound In Motion / Amethyst”just released on Clubhaus Records. The new imprint, founded and run by Hausman, focuses on progressive house and trance with robust grooves and unique harmonics. 

“Sound In Motion” lives up to its name with a driving bassline and daring pitch bends, injecting each phrase with a tantalizing twist that propels the music forward.

An unexpected major chord emerges as the groove winds down, revealing a progression reminiscent of the days of classic trance and ultimately culminating in a powerful peak ripe with euphoria. “Amethyst” takes things on a deeper and more introspective side. Attican’s signature synth licks and robust basslines are better than ever, but the star of the show is a catchy vocal hook that soars over lush pads,creating an ethereal soundscape.

Here is a bit of the chat we had with Attican regarding his approach to writing/producing music, where we cover everything from the emotional messages he wants to convey in his music to some funny anecdotes from his journey as a producer.

Here’s The Interview With Attican

Q: What’s your typical routine or ritual when you start working on new music?

A: I will usually start by working on the bass. I think having a solid groove is a good foundation for the rest of the track. It also helps me build chord progressions since I’m typically starting with just one note and building off of that. A little trick I picked up from one of Jaytech’s tutorials!

Q: How do you handle creative blocks or moments of self-doubt?

A: When I hit a creative block, it means I probably need to go out and experience life a little. I think it can be very easy to be glued to a computer all the time working on new music. Taking a hike, spending time with friends, playing video games, or just taking a break from music will help me push through a block once I come back to the project later on.

Q: What emotions or messages are you hoping listeners will take away from this music?


A: Music has always affected me on a deep level. I want my music to inspire others to feel their emotions and connect with them. Whatever form that may take. The same song could mean so many different things to different people depending on where they are in life. I hope one day I make music that creates memories for others, just like music has done for me.

Q: Did you face any unexpected surprises or discoveries while working on this release?

A: Of course! While working on the EP, I heard a track that had this arpeggio bassline and I wanted to try that in “Sound in Motion,” so I threw one on there. Whatever bass preset I had on my synth just seemed to work with the arpeggio on it. Changing the bassline completely changed the direction of the track.

Q: Can you share a funny or memorable moment from your journey as a music producer?

A: I had a roommate years ago that started producing music around the same time as me. He asked if I could give him some feedback on a track he made. It wasn’t great. At the end, he asked me what I thought. I gave a long pause and then asked, “Have you ever taken a course in rhythm?” Might have been a little too honest with him.

You can pick up “Sound In Motion / Amethyst” right now on Beatport or stream it via your favorite service.

Check out Clubhaus’ other great releases on Beatport as well.https://www.beatport.com/label/clubhaus/111582

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