We are happy to announce Damon’s debut project “Hustle With A Purpose” which he has released in collaboration with The Crushboys. This is a cool, groovy and tribal song that comes bundled with a fun and uplifting music video.

It is difficult to overlook the effort The Crushboys are putting in and we can say with confidence that this joint effort couldn’t have been any better. But it would have been very interesting to observe the artists separately, though we hope that this is not their one and only collaboration.

“Hustle With a Purpose” is dedicated to the class of 2020, and it is aimed at empowering young listeners (but not only) to always stay cool and focused no matter what difficulties each day brings.

Damon and The Crushboys are already meeting international success with their debut project as it has already reached half a million views on YouTube. It is very important to release this type of songs because it is not just about the music but the message that they spread. The message of always staying positive and disregarding haters.

Damon is surely going to continue resonating with his growing fan base and beyond and we are looking forward to hearing more from this talented artist soon.