Electric Daisy Carnival has quickly become one of the EDM community's flagship events. Seeing 10's of thousands of people flock to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway every year, its founder, Pasquale Rotella and his team work tirelessly every year to make the event an even bigger success year over year. Many escape the realities of life to attend the weekend full of dance music and friendship. While EDC has had run-ins with injuries and deaths in the past – the festival was actually proud to announce that there were zero deaths associated with the event for 2019. While this is great news – it's a shame to say that there was one major injury sustained – it just wasn't at the festival.

According to the arrest report, obtained Friday by the Las Vegas Review-Journal – a man became angered when he discovered his girlfriend attended EDC when he told her not to. When she returned he headed straight to her home in the northwest valley “to get back all the things he ever gave her,” because she “did not deserve the cards or bears he gave her in the past”. When he arrived, the two fought and after some time he pushed her out of the car and took off. However, he claims he “lost sight of her,” and while taking off she was caught underneath the vehicle.

The victim says she yelled for him to stop but he didn't listen. This resulted in her suffering a broken leg, broken arm, broken pelvis, lacerated liver and collapsed lung, along with burns to her face and body. When the police talked with her in the hospital she could not clearly state how everything played out. While the case is still being reviewed – suffice it to say this is a horrible situation all the way around. While so many love and hold EDC dearly, clearly others have different points of view.