After ‘We Got The Fire’, ‘Retrospection’ and – most recently – ‘Follow You Anywhere’, the second half of Cosmic Gate’s ‘MOSAIIK’ artist LP gathers pace.

Having lent her unforgettable & distinctive tones to its first & third singles, Diana Miro is likely now the singer most readily associated with Nic & Bossi’s eleventh album project. Cementing that rep, the trio reteam this month to add another beautiful fragment to ‘MOSAIIK’s sonic mosaic. After the emotionally searing ‘Blame’ and the heart-on-sleeve honesty of ‘Nothing to Hide’, the Amsterdam-based singer is ready to burn up the room again with ‘Hear Me Out’.

Talking about the meaning lying behind her song, Diana says “sometimes I feel like we live in a world of ‘unsaid’ feelings, hiding the truest and sometimes hurtful words in between the messenger’s lines and emojis. Isn’t it easier to simply walk away from an honest conversation than to recognize somebody’s love overruled our pride and unshakable life principles? Maybe if we’d talk honestly with each other, she suggests, we’d better understand ourselves.”