COFRESI pushes the boundaries of modern performance and production with a hybrid style and a refreshingly versatile live dj/digital-acoustic drum setup. His new single “Scars” featuring Luna Grey is smooth blend of pop, hip-hop and future trap that absolutely slaps. Not quite yet a household name, but Cofresi clearly has a bright future ahead of him! Check out a quote the collaborators below and under that stream “Scars” – check it out.

“In my teens I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. I became an outcast at my school as I spent much of my high school experience in the hospital. After many years of trying to accept my new reality I began to grow into myself and understand that God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers. Writing ‘Scars’ was a very big turning point for me as I stopped resenting my challenges and began to be thankful for the strength my struggles gave me. Our pain is our candle that guides us towards our purpose. I believe my struggles are a blessing. They make me human, they make me unique and they have made me a stronger person than I could have been without them. For that I am forever thankful.” – Luna Grey

“Scars is a hybrid infusion of my production approach with Luna's unique vocal styling. I wanted to give this song it's own space & vibe while showcasing both our strengths as artists. Considering her abilities to rap and sing over any style, I structured the musical elements of this track to highlight her vocal prowess. Essentially a fusion of trap, bass, melody and hip-hop, this song transcends traditional elements of electronic music and crosses over into more of a pop oriented sound. I'm happy with how it all came together and look forward to sharing this new sound with our fans.” – Cofresi