Out now HMWL [House Music With Love], Eric Sharp and Zhao connect for a new single entitled “Monday Blues”, their emotional roller coaster of collaboration. The mellow House original sounds like something that would be featured in a movie or TV show due to how minimal-istic it is while still being compelling. House music makes me think of summertimes on the beach, so “Monday Blues” is right up my alley. Read a quote from Sharp below and under that stream the new song!

“Monday Blues is a personal piece that comes from a place of empathy and compassion. It was written during a time when someone very close to me was unearthing deep-seated psychic pain in a healing process from their past. The verses are imbued with struggle and heaviness, while the chorus inspires hope, and faith in the ability move beyond our hurts together. Everyone has challenges in life, and we are never alone in our feelings. There is no wound too deep to be made whole, and I hope this song reminds people of that.’ – Eric Sharp