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Ambient Meditations S2 Vol 52 - Factory Planets (LoFi + House Mix)

Well, maybe we just should be honest with ourselves and call this a biweekly podcast? Not giving up on weekly just yet, but there might be a downshift for 2022's Season 3. Anyway, this week we have put together a special mix from a new project by tech house producer Ben A and Chic Hooligan (aka David Ireland) that blends together some more laid back lofi grooves and then picks up a bit midway through with some chilled out house that weaves between afro/organic. It pairs well with 12-year-old rum, one ice cube, and no chaser. Sip up, lay back, and enjoy.

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More about Factory Planets 

Factory Planets is comprised of producers Ben A and Chic Hooligan. Based in The Mile High City they blend their love of hip hop, jazz, house, and chillout into a unique sound that gives a nod to the past, present and future. The first EP Dystopian Utopia is out now on Audius and Bandcamp. 

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