ALWZ SNNY is continuing to own 2021 as he returns with his latest release ‘SNNYLAND’ following a chain of impressive releases earlier on this year. Joining him on this endeavour to push the boundaries of dance music is Marquette King, an athlete from Georgia, USA who has decided to branch out into the industry. ALWZ SNNY and Marquette King share a similar ambition, they both aspire to curate unique and fun music, Marquette is focussed on blending the best of pop and hip hop with EDM and House music to bring about the genre of ‘Pop-Hop’. ALWZ SNNY ensures throughout his releases that he encapsulates the dualism of both Country Dance and Electropop to bring about his unique and infectious sound. ALWZ SNNY and Marquette King have drummed up quite the excitement with this collaboration, and their ground-breaking release is the perfect example of how well they work together. 

‘SNNYLAND’ depicts a warm and happy atmosphere, with a style of EDM that is bright and uplifting with heavy doses of synths and guitars straight from the moment you press play – a perfect culmination for lovers of his sound. You can expect to hear catchy upbeat lyrics from Marquette King that transform this production into another classic track with summer vibes. If you’re looking for some feel-good EDM vibes that will definitely brighten your day, ‘SNNYLAND’ offers the perfect fix, with upbeat piano melodies that melt into the build-up where a crescendo of FX and drums fill the spectrum before the release of that powerful and iconic EDM style drop that would send any dance floor in the world into frenzy, featuring high-energy punches of percussion and rhythm that urge an insatiable feeling to get up and dance.


ALWZ SNNY is continuing to push forward that happy and upbeat narrative that the world needs more of, he continues to change the face of the dance music industry with every new release. Following iconic releases like ‘My Time’ and ‘Stupid Love’, this collaboration with Marquette King tops his discography of ground-breaking dancefloor dominators and is another to add to the list. 


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